Wednesday, May 11, 2005

And After Mother's Day ... What Then?

From today's mailbox:

"Everyone is walking around like they're in a daze, sleep-walking, and talking about how tired they are, and wanting to sleep all the time. Clients in different states, not just here. Is there something going on?"

SUSAN'S REPLY: Whatever it is, it's really going on ... and it's far-reaching. I coach and train all over the world, and people I've talked with over the past two weeks, the ones who didn't cancel, oversleep, or "forget" their appointments -- have had one thing on their mind: fatigue. That term "sleepwalking" isn't a bad one for what's going on.

This is similar to 'horses in a burning stable,' but not exactly. Horses in a burning stable refers to the fact that -- and I can't believe people were at one time puzzled by this -- horses let each other know the stable's on fire without the use of words. There was a time when people would laugh if you said horses communicated, because they don't use words, like humans, but now we know so much more, and obviously they do communicate. All mammals do, and herd animals MUST be able to ... they live in herds.

I believe this sort of collective emotional transfer has a name and has been studied. (It might be morphological fields). One example is the 100th monkey project, where one monkey learns something, and then more learn it, and then the whole band knows it, and then all of a sudden this learned thing jumps - and the monkeys across the lake suddenly know. It seems to be tranferred "through thin air."

It's also been an explanation for why the same new idea will pop up simultaneously at different places in the world, in the minds of different people. Ideas, thoughts and feelings "jump" from one person to another.

However this is more like a MOOD that's all over the place.

What could be the explanations? We're not having any worlwide disaster or war at this time. Could it be the pollen? The pollen count in south Texas is only about middle-range today There are probably innumerable locations where it's very low, and the weather and conditions are "perfect." Epidemic? Heavens no, though a lot of people are sick. Everybody stayed out too late last night partying and didn't get enough sleep? ho ho ho

What else is going on?

Well, Mother's Day just passed, and there is nothing with more emotional valence in our lives, from the day we're born till the day we die, than our mothers.

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