Friday, January 18, 2008

Emo ... and Emotional Intelligence

From a disturbing article entitled "Finding Emo: It Eludes a Real Definition". There's a lot of confusion about emotions and how to manage them. And what we learn, whether good or bad, we often get the patterns from those around us, like parents. This is why emotional intelligence is so important to learn about. Being 'emotional' is not a bad thing. Handling emotions in destructive ways - to self or others - is. And for middle school children to have a cult of depression is alarming. If you have children or are concerned about children, you should know about this phenomenon. And please take a look at my ebook, "How to Teach Your Child Emotional Intelligence." Better yet, take the EQ Course - you can't teach and model what you don't know, and this course gives you the parameters to start learning to deal with emotions in positive ways.

From the article.

Finding emo is rough, if you 're older. On the one hand, it 's so well known that if you run "emo " on the Google search engine, you 'll find 50.3 million listings. Compare that to, for example, 8.16 million for "Jesus Christ " or 1.94 million for "bill of rights. "

That 's perhaps not surprising; according to a survey conducted by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, the average age of the most active creators of Internet-content is 25. Emo seems to skew far younger than that, reaching down even into middle school.

On the other hand, we asked adults if they knew what emo was. We asked school psychologists, area high school and middle school counseling staffs, experts at the UW-Madison School of Education, and the Madison-based Briarpatch youth crisis intervention service. Some had heard of emo. No one could even define it.

From the article:

"It means the manifestation of sadness and pain, " she says. "Everybody feels it. Everybody is emo. "

I'm proud to be working in the field of emotional intelligence because it is so helpful to people. There is probably nothing more important in life to learn.

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