Sunday, September 05, 2010

How to get in touch with your Intuition

The most important decisions in life must be made with intuition. There will never be enough data, and they aren't linear.

I'm thinking of the first time I shopped for a house by myself. I made a list - don't we all? There were things on it like (1) best school district and (2) close to a convenience store (since I was a single Mom) and (3) Off 210 and (4) 3 bedrooms.

Well, the trouble is that I found 3 houses that fit all my specs. I stood there with the realtor, baffled, and she said, "Well I think you should get the one on Bluffridge. You got alpha waves in your eyes when you walked in."

Simply a way of saying that in THAT house I FELT the best. She got me in touch with my intuition, and it'smy favorite house of all the houses I've lived in.


There are lots of different ways people get messages from their intuition.

1. Through a body ailment, pain or illness. Intuition is symbolic. If someone's being a pain in the neck, you may get a pain in your neck just to get you to pay attention.

2. Humming a tune, out loud or in your head, with or without lyrics. You later realize the lyrics to the song had particular meaning to the situation.

3. Visual images. Many scientists have discovered answers by receiving visual images.

4. In dreams. We also get hypnagogic images and answers right before and after sleep, in twilight time.

5. Quotations or poems popping into your head that have meaning to the situation.

6. Precognition--premonitions about things that might happen in the future.

7. Deja-vu experiences. Time and space get mixed up but the message is there.

8. Bodily sensations.

9. Breaking things, hurting yourself or having accidents.

10. Talking with someone who is perceptive and knows you well - like your coach. Significant others, etc. but coaches have those qualities as well as the ability to be objective.

Once you're attuned to all the ways your intuition can talk to you, you'll be better able to access this valuable emotional intelligence competency.


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