Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Blending of the Brains

Check out the winners of Princeton's first "The Art of Science" competition. Be sure and enlarge the photos. They are incredible.

Here's the entry from the English major:
Knowledge is Beautiful- A series depicting some of history's great scientific minds with the seductive physical draw that their minds hold for us intellectually... a recollection of Blaise Pascal's "Clarity of mind is clarity of passion." We practice science because we love it. So, too, do we practice art...

She adds: "The figures are given male heads and female bodies in part to appropriate the old Platonic notion that divides "Mother" Nature (wild, sensual, unpredictable) and "Father" Science (logic and linearity). Contemporary investigation, criticism, and mixing between different sciences and spheres (History of Science, astrobiology, and so on) is opening those borders to new fields of analysis. The imagery also interrogates the traditional male-centeredness of science, and looks to an opening world in which science is performed by, and for, all of humanity rather than a restricted category or sex."

EQ-wise ... we have the emotions v. logic and linearity. Yet again.

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