Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A Healing Film

Take a look at "Fragile" - a beautiful 6 minute film. It is about comfort and consolation.

A psychological journey into a young child's mind faced with the death of his older sibling. Through abstract fantasies, he re-experiences the happy playtime once shared with his brother. When the two are forcefully separated, the child must overcome the power of self-blame that he inevitably casts upon himself.

Key Considerations in Making the Film:
With Fragile, I wanted to create a film which explored death from a perspective that people are not used to seeing. I thought it would be interesting to view it through the mind of a four-year old, a child who is not yet intellectually developed enough to understand the mystery, or even to communicate his thoughts on the matter. I feel the film is interesting for all ages because none of us truly understand death and this film helps to remind us how lost we are without each other.

Artist's Statement
Fragile is a story about comfort and consolation. I hope the film will truly touch those who faced loss at a very young age and can remember, however vaguely it may be, how saddened and lonely he or she felt at the time. I feel that its quiet temperament and lack of dialogue erases all preconceptions about death and truly reaches the heart of those who watch it. Since everyone faces death, there is a point in each of our lives when we feel as lonely and helpless as a small child, and it is to this mindstate that I hope Fragile will speak loudest.

Incredibly, the write up on amazon.com does not include the artist's name, but it's on the credits.

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