Friday, July 25, 2008

Brangelina and the Babies

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We can't help but join in the excitement about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitts' new twins! Joining a brood with already 6 small children. We also can't help wondering how they will do it.

Even if there are nannies and maids, there's so much work to do, and lot of it emotional and demanding. CHildren learn their emotional intelligence from their parents, by watching how they react and respond to things.
How do we handle the stress?

  • Maybe you have a stressful job where the demands on your time seem impossible

  • Maybe you have two jobs and are struggling to put gas in the car

  • Maybe you are in school and the pressure to compete combines with deadlines and tons of reading

Whatever the stresses you are under, you need to find YOUR way of handling them. Not everything works for each person. Let me guide you with coaching to find the way that works for you.


From Ben: I did the yoga thing and it turned out to be more like another job. Rushing to get there. Working at getting it right. I came home more stressed then when I went there. What's up with that?

From LaDiva: she told me to go to a park and walk in nature. so i did and i breated deep like i was sposed to and just started coughing from all that stuff in the air. and there were kids there fighting and dogs too. this doesnt work for me.

From Kayley: meditation would be nice but i just can't turn off thoughts in my head. seems to me like i'd do better running a mile and get exhausted physically. what do you think?

Well, whatever your stress levels, there IS a way to manage it, and it may not be what works for someone else.

Let me coach you to success and managing the stress.

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