Monday, August 16, 2010

How to Handle a PR Disaster with EQ

Emotional Intelligence involves, and/or IS, a lot of PR (public relations0>

From an article in ENTREPRENEUR about how to handle getting 'slammed' when you are a small business. Ronn Torossian reminds us that you can move faster as a small business -- or an individual -- and this is an asset -- if you know what you are doing.

1. Can't bury your head in a business crisis
2. Come up with a message about what went wrong and how to address it
4. Communicate that message to everyone who's been affected, in person, one-by-one if possible
5. Do NOT pass things on through a lawyer or spokesperson. Delegating this usually means more disaster
6. Work on your delivery -- what you say in public can be more inportant that what you are actually saying. [HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU THIS??]
7. Compare Tiger Woods' apoplogy with Clinton's.
8. Do everything you can to make yourself and your audience more comfortable9. "Speak compassionately and honestly, and don't pretend to be on a higher level than your sudience. It's the best way to put people at ease."
9. Be resigned to some fallout.

What you are doing here is damage control, and this is a serious emotional intelligence to master.

Got caught staring at another woman when you didn't think your fiance was looking?
Forget to pick up your neighbor's kids at school?
Late with a report at work?

There are so many occasions where we need finesse. Let me coach you on these skills. It's always good to have a Plan B, but it is BETTER to KNOW that you MUST HAVE a Plan B. Nobody's perfect.

P.S. Notice how BP has handled the BP oil spill. One radio ad that I think is particularly effective is the guy WITH THE APPROPRIATE ACCENT who says he's from the Gulf, cares about it, is in charge, and will do what needs doing.

Study other! Get coaching! It pays off.

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