Sunday, March 18, 2007

This site may harm your computer - what's up with that?

This site may harm your computer


I've been told this same warning is currently on my website under the Google search. I went and looked, and yes, it is there. I had my computer specialist check out my site. He has all the latest stealth tools. He found no problems with the website. My website is my biggest marketing tool. I'm doing what I can, emailing google, and hoping this message of speculation will disappear in a couple of weeks without having done too much harm to my website. Mr. Throwing Beans' did (see article). In the meantime, I'm sure thinking about using another search engine in the future.

You know, a "may" is kind of like chicken little. Now do I have to put up on my site "this website will not harm your computer? Actually I'm trying to HELP people with this informative site." And who will read it with that google announcement of "speculation" on there?

What do you think of this?

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