Sunday, March 04, 2007

Malaysian CEOs Lack Emotional Intelligence

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by Hamisah Hamid, Times

"Malaysian chief executive officers (CEOs) are highly driven but lack emotional intelligence and coaching, according to a leadership consultant.

Linkage Asia president, Samuel M. Lam, said the study by Linkage Asia showed that Malaysian CEOs do not differ from global CEOs in terms of leadership ability.

"Global executives and Malaysian executives share the same high drive, and there is also no difference in terms of profile.

"But on closer examination, emotional intelligence and coaching/nurture are the lowest in Malaysia," he said at a breakfast forum in Kuala Lumpur last week

Lam said global CEOs are also weak in coaching but they have high emotional intelligence.

"What makes Malaysian companies successful is their leaders' drive. But what needs to be improved is emotional intelligence and coaching," he said.

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