Sunday, May 27, 2007

Emotional Intelligence: The Tools of a Catalyst

The Tools of a Catalyst : - missional. global. cultural. theological. think on these things.

This is about the tools of a catalyst, from the book "The Spider and the Starfish". This is about leadership, about drawing people in, making things happen, and the uses of emotional intelligence.

One of these tools is Emotional Intelligence. "Catalysts tend to lead with emotions," it says. "To a catalyst, emotional connections come first. Once there is an emotional connection, then and only then is it time to brainstorm and talk strategy."

Another tool:

Meets People Where They Are. There’s a difference between being passionate and being pushy. A catalyst doesn’t try to persuade people but rather relies on a much more subtle technique: meeting people where they are. When people feel heard, when they feel understood and supported, they are more likely to change. A catalyst doesn’t prescribe a solution, nor does he hit you over the head with one. Instead he assumes a peer relationship and listens intently. You don’t follow a catalyst because you have to - you follow one because he understands you.

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