Friday, December 21, 2007

An All-Year Kinda Partner

The effect of the emotions and the pressure of the season ...
The email bag indicates the climate of the times. Concerns popping up now --

1. Pressure on relationships. Old flames coming back. Lonely people trying to reconnect. Remember - you want an all-year kinda partner.

2. Frustrations with family members escalating. Just that time of year.

3. Why doesn't he know - flowers, perfume, jewelry. Why DON'T men know?? Or is it obstinacy. Any of those will please any woman, any time. If you're a guy and need gift suggestions, email me,

4. Mixed emotions .. memories pop up, fantasies of ideal Christmases. When I get in the email "Just for once I want," I know there's trouble brewing. That's too much pressure on the situation.

5. Exhaustion. Also the problems that alcohol bring in. Are you getting enough sleep? Eating right? Limiting the 'partying?' Getting too tired makes everything look 100 times larger than it really is, because it limits your ability to cope. When you're tired, sleep!

This is a great time for a coaching call. Email me at to schedule yours. It helps!

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