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Gordon Brown - Emotional Intelligence

Gordon Brown is a turn-off for women : December 2007 : Three Line Whip : Politics : Telegraph Blogs
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Gordon Brown is a turn-off for women by (Iain Martin)

Put to one side that what is sometimes called Brown’s lack of emotional intelligence is more obvious now than it was in the summer. There is a much more practical reason for the backlash. When the records of 25 million people were lost ...

Can't really "put aside" is lack of emotional intelligence, can you? Can you do that with anyone?

Is this the year you want to improve yours? The great thing about emotional intelligence is that it can be learned.

What is emotional intelligence? Until you get familiar with the competencies, it's like "personality conflict." Hard to define, but you know it when you see it. You can take the EQ Map to see how yours is doing. Some of the competencies are flexibility, resilience (the master stress-buster), authenticity, and intentionality.

They all work together. You can see that someone with "intentionality" could barrel in over other people and defeat their own purposes, if they lack the balancing competencies of empathy (knowing that other people have feelings), flexibility (because you can't always move people the way you can data) and gut-instincts (that give you a sense of timing).

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