Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gifts and Emotional Intelligence

It's the thought that counts??

Well the holidays are over, and now the Valentine's displays are up in the stores ... another great occasion involving gifts to loved ones.

A touchy subject - yes, it is.

I received several requests for interviews on this "etiquette" from national publications ... about what to give whom, when and how. Is money OK? What about gift certificates? Hand made items? What if your husband's secretary clearly picked out your gift? Clearly a last-minute effort at having flowers delivered?

I thought this article made some good points about the thought behind the gift.

From the article Why Women Love Giving and Receiving Gifts
For the full article, go here:

Unfortunately, this is why so many women may seem disappointed in gifts that they are given. It is the thought behind the gift that a woman is interpreting and when a gift is of something that the woman feels represents a lack of planning or is something that shows that the other person does not listen to their opinions, their likes and dislikes, they take offense.

To many women, a gift is an emotional representation of the other person's feelings about them.

... [I]f gift giving time is the only time a woman is really shown an
outward example of how she is appreciated, then the woman may have a valid point to put so much stock into the gift. In the same way, women as gift givers, who spend so much time and energy on finding the "perfect" gift, should not be using this situation as the only time they show their gratitude and love toward the people that they are giving them to. If such is the case, then they are as guilty as everyone around them. Gifts should never be a replacement for showing our love and gratitude for our family and friends. It all comes down to daily appreciating those around us in our words and actions and then any gifts that are given or received will only be extensions of those emotions.

Love the women in your life by showering them with praise and attention and whenever possible give them a gift ... to be even further evidence of your feelings. She will, in turn do the same for you.

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