Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Apology

It's entitled "Doctors start to say 'I'm sorry' long before 'see you in court'."

This article discusses doctors expaining their errors and apologizing to the patients and the effect it is having on malpractice lawsuits. And perhaps as importantly, on doctor/patient relationships. It's referred to as "full disclosure" here.

From the article:
At the University
of Michigan
Health System, one of the first to experiment with full
disclosure, existing claims and lawsuits dropped to 83 in August 2007 from 262 in August 2001, said Richard C. Boothman, the medical center’s chief risk officer.

“Improving patient safety and patient communication is more likely to cure the malpractice crisis than defensiveness and denial,” Mr. Boothman said.

It is often difficult in today's world to say "I'm sorry", admitting fault ... and insurance companies have long recommended against it, but sometimes it's what we really want when we are the offended party.

And, defensiveness and denial are simply not good emotional intelligence - at work, in relationships or anywhere else.

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