Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Multigenerations in the Workplace and in the Home

Any day at work you may deal with different cultures and different 'generations.'

Let's say your boss is a Generation X and calls you in just to check up on things, and when he does, out of respect, he has you close the door and he puts his phone calls on hold.

Then you wander down the hall to get something from the 20 year old Millenial generational who is "busy" with 10 things and on her cell phone, whirlwinding with technical things, making sure everything fits into her life the way she wants it to ...

and you, the Baby Boomer, somewhere in the middle, where you value face-to-face interaction but also consider someone talking to you AND to their cell phone as just plain rude. You prefer email and voicemail when you can, because it's efficient, but you do like someone to stop working when you stop by their office and at least acknowledge you.

So that's the day in the office.

Even more discomfitting is that we all deal with this with our families as well, and often, these days, different cultures thrown in there as well.

I was talking to a client the other day, a 60 year old gentleman, whose sons-in-law are both from Israel, and he's very uncomfortable with the way family get-togethers are run. He gets there at noon, ready for the barbecue, nothing has happened by 2:15, some of them aren't even there yet, and, as he says, "who wants to stick around?"

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