Friday, February 20, 2009

Etiquette for an Economic Crisis

How to Tell Friends and Family You Can't Afford it - a timely video.

Trying times - what's going on right now - means brushing up on your etiquette.

One good tip from the video - When you talk about the job you lost, be sure you're rid of all the anger.

For the listener, I would add - keep in mind, at the top of your mind that more and more people may be short on funds these days. Think before you issue an invitation. Bear in mind that they may not be able to afford what you can, or what they previously could. In other words be sensitive to their situation.


Don't suggest the priciest restaurant in town. And make it gracious. "Lets meet for dinner. How about the XXX Buffet? I'm ready to RELAX ... how about you? In other words, offer a "reason." It doesn't have to be that believable. Just offer it.

Offer to treat the other person. Why not? I heard my sister tell someone she was treating, because they didn't have any money, 'Your money's no good here.'

For a charitable donation? I'm sorry I can't do it right now, but thanks for asking.

If you're the lucky one in the family (or social set) who "has" when someone else "has not" be generous. Why not?

In our family we had a wedding in the fall in another state. One family member doesn't have enough money to travel. Her invitation included a check to cover airfare with just a note "We expect you to come."

Made it nice, palatable, classy.

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