Thursday, February 12, 2009

Koala Love Story Brings Hope after Australian Fires

Love Heals ... Koala Love Story Wins Hearts after Deadly Fires in Australia
Watch the koala bear extend its hand when help arrives ...

See story here.

Rescuers said it was extremely rare to get so close to a koala. If you've ever tried to help a harmed or injured animal, you know that some will and some won't. The same with humans. Sam recognized help when it arrived and reached out for it. And therefore she will survive. Also with the help of her now love, Bob.

Said Tree, the rescuer:

"I yelled out for some water and I sat down with her and tipped the water up. It was in my hand and she reached for the bottle then put her right claw into my left hand which was cold so it must have given her some pain relief and she just left it there. It was just amazing."

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Koalas are so much a part of life in Australia.

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    CHAPTER ONE<br />The New Arrival
    The bush was alive with excitement. Mrs Koala had a brand new baby, and
    the news spread like wildfire. The kookaburras in the highest gum-trees
    heard of it, and laughed and chuckled at the idea. In and out of their
    burrows the rabbits came scuttling, their big brown eyes opening wide
    with wonder as they heard the news. Over the grass the message went
    where Mrs Kangaroo was quietly hopping towards her home. She fairly
    leapt in the air with joy. "I must tell Mr Kangaroo!" she cried and
    bounded away in great hops and leaps. Even Mrs Snake, who was having a
    nap, awoke, gave a wriggle, and blinked her wicked little eyes. The
    whole bushland was twittering with the news, for a baby bear was a great
    event. Mrs Koala had a baby every two years, and as Mrs Rabbit had
    very, very many during that time, you can just imagine how surprised
    everyone was. In the fork of a gum-tree, far above the ground, Mrs Koala
    nursed her baby
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