Thursday, May 28, 2009

How to Communicate with People the Way THEY want

Nonverbal 101

Listen, watch and people will tell you how they want to be treated.

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From the video:

Self-contained people - cut the schmoozing, cut to the chase, the socializing, get on with it, get to the bottom line. "I want the answer right away."

Open-people - reading, willingly show your thoughts and feelings, whether you want them or not; social 'dancing,'; conversationally, they digress a lot; "which reminds me,"; "their thoughts are like gumballs - they fall to the tongue and roll out"; "What did we talk about?" Make decisions based on emotion, feeling, gut. Time? When I get around to it.

Which way are you?? With emotional intelligence, you have the ability to be either way. But you have a home-base, a "default" mode, a way you're more comfortable.

Indirect people (slower paced than Direct people) - the way they talk, do things in general, make decisions. Indirect, less assertive, more patient, ask (not tell). "Would you like to have a seat?" v. "P.J., some in, sit down, not there, HERE."

Indirect - tremendous inner-driving need not to be wrong. Direct people approach risk and change more rapidly, because they want to deal with it get it done.

Etc. Good stuff. Enjoy!

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