Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Medical Care outside the US

In 2007, 750,000 Americans (at least) traveled abroad for medical procedures.

Hip surgery?
Crown? Scaling?


Totally unverified, except I know more than a few people who get their dental work done in Mexico. I just talked to another person today who was heading for Mexico to get their crowns. Of course it's a daytrip from here.

Notes from an article - google it, think it over.

INDIA - Ortho - Dr. Vijay Bose, one of world leading ortho surgeons works there

Costa Rica - ortho surgery, spinal surgery, lipo

Mexico - dental work at a fraction of the US price. Day -trip from San Diego or Tx.

Singapore- cancer treatment, spinal surgery, transplants

Thailand - ortho
Check these out with Joint Commission International )JCI_ - or the Intl Society for Quality in Health Care. More than 230 JCI-accredited in 30 countries.

Don't expect your own physician to endorse any of this. Why would they?

On the other hand, don't be stupid.

EXAMPLE: Hip replacement surgery in US - $50,000. In India, including airfare - $12,000

Patients say doctors email them, get more attention from nurses

Oral surgeon told her $30k, got it in Thailand for $9k

Book through a facilitator such as Healthbase or Surgical Trip. Some evidentally will book it, meet you, walk you through it. (Having done the Copper Canyon with our own personal tour guide the entire trip - to Sinaloa and back -- how? Well, in Mexico, you can afford that.

If you've done this let, us know.

The AMA gives a neutral statement. What else could you expect. On this, you will have to be your own judge.

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