Monday, October 05, 2009

Job Security and Emotional Intelligence

Author says emotional intelligence is key to job security

and we agree!

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Some quotes from the article:
With the United States in an ongoing unemployment crisis, two authors have offered strategies to help you keep your job.

“Fifty-eight percent of job performance is affected by emotional intelligence,” said author Travis Bradberry during a telephone interview with The Herald-Mail.

Bradberry said emotional intelligence is more than just feelings. It involves understanding and managing your emotions and the emotions of others. This has an impact on many aspects of life, including working.

“A person with the ability to understand emotions in the moment, to use that awareness to manage behavior, to read the emotions of other people and use those things to manage relationships is someone who is highly emotionally intelligent,” Bradberry said. “It’s a skill that helps you hang onto your job these days.”

“Learning about emotional intelligence teaches you to roll with the punches, understand your emotions, understand the emotions of other people and how to approach tasks more efficiently,” Bradberry said, “It arms you with the tools to navigate those situations.”

Local managers contacted for this story agreed that customer service is important in their workplaces.

Bill Sonnik, director of the Human Resources Department of Washington County said he believes individuals who display higher emotional intelligence will be more successful in the workplace.

Karen Cook, assistant manager of Gap Outlet at Prime Outlet Center, south of Hagerstown, said she is more likely to hire an employee who is more emotionally aware and can read the people around them.

She said physical cues include smiling (indicating satisfaction), crossing arms (unhappiness or concern) or squinting eyes (unhappiness or concern).

“You can’t turn an emotion on or off. All you can do is choose what to do in response to it,” he said.

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