Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spirituality in Healing and Medicine

The emotion associated with heart attack is hostility.

I love this video. It makes so many important points.
The doctor says that the side-effects of Prolexa are the same symptoms for which it is prescribed.
He talks about a medical school course called the healing art ... and the healing power of Love. Well, call it unconditional positive regard.
He mentions Little Miss Sunshine --- listen to what Olive says. (It is her presence.)
Focus on one and it becomes still. We see things as they truly are. (Clear the clutter)
To see the cow in the snowball, be still. "Then you can connect with the beaty."
Some of the most powerful influences on health.
Spirituality in medicine ... touch on that which is somewhat fearful.
There's your absolute; there's my absolute.

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