Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Emotional Intelligence


I was reminded this Christmas, as always, that there are worse things to be than single. I went on a cruise in mid-December, a tradition, and there I saw many couples who didn't seem to happy together, and a few that were plain-out miserable.

I ate out at lovely restaurants during the month and saw plenty of couples, some of whom evidence real animosity toward one another.

Have you observed the same thing? This is kind of an EQ thing, a reality-testing thing. We "see" what we're "looking for." One big landmark test in the field of psychology was proving that depressed people scan for sadness, misery, violence, and grief. In a newspaper, for instance, they'll see the obits, and the riot headline. Someone in a happier state might see the side bar on the front page about a rescued cat.

So if you're seeing only ONE THING when you're out with people, think it over. It can be a big clue as to your inner feelings. If you go to a restaurant and see all the happy couples (which enforce your feelings of loneliness), while there are about as many tables around you with miserable married couples, groups of women, groups of men ... try and broaden the picture so you can broaden your outlook.

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