Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tamiflu Not Effective?


If you go to the Club Vivo Per Lei / I Live for Music website, you can read about the King of Spain who was healed of his depression by listening every night to someone with a beautiful voice sing to him.

We know that sound is vibrations ... we talk about it making us feel good, and we know that sometimes we feel like it's inside us, or vice versa, or that we're part of it. Probably there is music all the time, we just call it that when it's audible to us. At Club Vivo, we think there's something incredible about music, and that it's highly related to emotional intelligence and to your health. (Go HERE and read more.)

Well, I was fascinated to read in The Wall Street Journal about a new stethoscope that's been invented. Doctors need something to help, because hospitals are now too noisy for the old stethoscopes.

As if we didn't know it, things have gotten noisier. A hospital used to run around 57 decibels (like a running washing machine), and how it's more like 72 db ("grinding garbage disposal).

The stethoscope captures "the body's wind and percussion section - - the lungs and heart." (Isn't that the most wonderful writing!

Now this is what I thought was interesting. Someone designed a stethoscope with a hole that would let outside sound on. They figured this out by working with acoustic specialists. So when the doctor's listening to your chest, the hole in the steth. gathers in environmental noises , and thered it "meets" the same noise which has been conducted through the patient's body, and they sort of cancel each other out, and the doctor can hear the patient's internal sounds.

That's a fascinating idea. Think of some applications and metaphors!

Meanwhile another article in the WSJ this week reported a study in Lancet saying that Tamiflu wasn't that effective against the Asian bird flu. Every country is supposed to be stockpiling it, but what if it doesn't help? And if it "helps" that's not the same thing as a "cure," in the sense of antibiotics and bacteria.

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