Saturday, April 28, 2007

Michael Jordan's Son to Play for Illinois

Michael Jordan's son plans to play for Illinois - NCAA Basketball - Yahoo! Sports


For perhaps it is in sports that we can most clearly see the drama of potential v. actuality (which take Intentionality); the interaction between natural ability, and the ability to use it to the best advantage, which means, in the case of sports, to win. And in a team sport, the ability to function so that the team wins. Individual ability can't carry it. Individual EQ can.

Sports coaches were emotional intelligence coaches before there was such a field. You can take the most physically adept, naturally athletic person, well-trained in the dribble and the shoot, and watch them self-destruct or soar, depending upon their emotional intelligence. Of course the same applies to the most IQ-adept person, but it's hidden, we don't get to see it. No matter how much you want to fantasize, there are no 5'1" females playing NCAA basketball.

Now the world wonders .... does young Jeffreay have what it takes?

Emotions motivate us (both from the same root word). They can also render us ineffective in mental and physical pursuits. They figure heavily in motivation. Will a boy attending Loyola in Wilmette have the drive? Michael is 6'6", and Jeffrey only 6'2". What about that?

The EQ will play to motivation, also determination, the ability to handle the lifestyle, and, importantly the ability to function within a team.

Considered by many to be the world's best basketball player, Michael was unable to play on wining TEAMS in the early years, though he set individual performance records, because he sometimes played at a level so above his teammates that the Bulls failed to function as a team.

There is also particular pressure on the son of a great man.

The world will be watching and rooting for this talented young man. I hope he has a good Emotional Intelligence coach.

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