Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Absolut lack of emotional intelligence?

Confounding us all at this time is the series of ads being put out by Absolut. This one ran in Mexico. Share your thoughts on the EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE of this ad campaign, i.e., What WERE they thinking?

And of course the parodies are coming out.

Absolut's response can be found on their blog, from no less than the VP of Corporate Communications. Among his comments:

The In An Absolut World advertising campaign invites consumers to visualize a world that appeals to them -- one they feel may be more idealized or one that may be a bit "fantastic." As such, the campaign will elicit varying opinions and points of view. We have a variety of executions running in countries worldwide, and each is germane to that country and that population.

This particular ad, which ran in Mexico, was based upon historical perspectives and was created with a Mexican sensibility. In no way was this meant to offend or disparage, nor does it advocate an altering of borders, nor does it lend support to any anti-American sentiment, nor does it reflect immigration issues. Instead, it hearkens to a time which the population of Mexico may feel was more ideal.

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