Wednesday, April 09, 2008

SPEAKING ON A CRUISE is a wonderful way to travel for less (or free), to meet potential clients, and to combine some things you love. I don't know about you, but I love public speaking and I love to spread the word about my field. Dating, emotional intelligence, transitions (retirement for one), and other self growth and enhancement topics.
I have spoken many times for several cruise lines. One of the things I cover in my ebook, Speak on Cruise & Travel the World for Free is the hidden resources for finding the opportunities. In the vast majority of cases, you do not get booked through the cruise lines themselves. I've spoken on many cruises for several different cruise lines, so I can show you the ropes.
Another thing that's important to know is how to manage your presentation in a situation where you can't just run to Kinkos for more copies! What to bring and how to pack are important to the success of your presentation. What DO you do when you may have 200 listeners, or 20, or even 2. A seasoned professional, I give you lots of tips about this. I also cover the Number One Rule about speaking for cruise lines. Violate this and you won't be asked back!
My ebook will tell you all about it. How to do it, the hidden sources, how it differs from speaking on land, what to bring, and what to watch out for. eMail me for more information .
If you're pressed for time and don't get your best information through books, I offer a one-hour phone consultation for just $50. Then you're in charge and ask the questions. Very time effective because you don't waste time on things you already know.

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