Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If you're happy with your job, you could be in trouble

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Were you ever in an office situation where there was one really "Happy" person and they were bullied, provoked, ignored, or demeaned? Or the gossipw as they were 'so happy because they were stupid.' Maybe it was even you. Although we all say we want to be happy with our jobs, expressing this "joy" may not be an asset -in the Western World.


As David Caruso said, in Expressing Emotions at Work, "Anger is associated with power, joy with weakness." He added, "this is obviously a problem for all of us."

As one of my clients said, "This is a really happy time in my life, all things are going well, and I love the money from this job. But it's like they want to stamp out the happiness. Am I supposed to walk around glowering and angry and yell at everyone like XX does?"
Conversely you may be into the anger-role, even enjoying it, but beginning to sense that it isn't very good for your health.

Anger gives us information, is a basic emotion, sometimes unavoidable, but the trouble is if you live in that state, you are stressing your body incredibly. 5 minutes of anger suppresses your immune system for up to 8 hours. It is also very hard on the people around you, including loved ones at home. It can become a habit. An anger-junkie, as it were. It does feel good to 'let it all hang out' once in a while, and was even in vogue some years ago, but I can't be the only person noticing the rising rates of depression, heart attacks, cancer and so forth ... with the lifestyle going on right now.
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