Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Online Dating Sites - Are They for You?

Having a hard time finding your life partner??

Let me help you LOOK ONLINE for your PARTNER. I am Attract Your Dream Partner Expert for major website, and a Dating Coach, specializing in online dating as well as traditional.

If you are interested in finding your life partner, why aren’t you looking online? Whatever misgivings you may have here are some things to consider.

According to the media, “bringing people together…is a $500 million online industry.” And at this point appears to be in the lead. A recent article in the newspaper alleged that the online dating sites had peaked, but our common sense tells us it has not. As a Dating Coach, I can tell you that I get a new client every day who hasn’t been online yet.

And why would you aside from the numbers?

Well, here’s an example.

Martha, a client, is a professional who lives, by her own admission, “in the boondocks.” She works long hours in a city in the Midwest, so doesn't have time to get out -- but then where would she “get out” to, she asks me? Bars and other watering-holes are not the place for her, she says, as they are not for many. The hardest part, though, is that she grew up on the East Coast, and wants to return to the Ocean. So how else is she going to meet the man of her dreams in Indianapolis, Indiana, but to get online.

Then there’s my client who lives in a state and for her own reasons does not want to date someone from that state. There are plenty of “misplaced” persons who would not only be WILLING to relocate, but EAGER to.

Here’s another example. This client is from the Middle East, where the courtship and dating rules are different, and she prefers that style and culture. The percentage of the population in that town that's from her own background? It flies flies below the radar screen. I showed her there’s an online dating site for the group she’s interested in – to her surprise.

Here’s another example. This client happens to want to date Jewish men, although she is not Jewish herself. I showed her a couple of sites (like and and a quick perusal showed her that the people on the site are interested in meeting and dating Jewish people, though they may not be so themselves. A male client is interested in dating Italian women, and enjoys being on .

Granted it can be daunting to maneuver the sites and that’s why a Dating Coach is such a great idea. You can save yourself a lot of time, and take advantage of their vast experience. For one thing, you can jump the learning curve about things like – how the sites work, how to get your name back in the front, what usernames work and what usernames don’t, how to make sure someone you aren’t interested in cannot contact you, the difference between the paid sites and the free sites, what to do about “flirts” and “winks,” appropriate replies, what to avoid, and so forth. It’s always good to go over safety issues too. And what about a photo? Should you or should you not? And what about that site that’s so heavily advertised on TV? I don’t recommend it, and I’ll tell you why.

Dating is more complex than ever. More people are entering the dating scene every day, and the challenge is to get them together, because everyone’s looking.

Looking for what? Well that’s another thing to go over with your coach. What about the man who says he’s “separated” and wants a “casual relationship” or the widower who says he wants “a long-term relationship”? Your coach can help you decipher all these ‘codes’ and help you phrase your own profile in the most positive, dynamic and appealing way, that shows who you really are and what you want.
Let's face it, looking online helps you swing a much wider net. Why not?? Why wait to get aboard this $500 million industry?
P.S. If you're worried about "long distance" dating, I can tell you some examples of great success (and how to make it work for YOU).
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