Thursday, July 23, 2009

Leon Fleisher's Birthday - an Inspiration

Today is Leon Fleisher's birthday. He is a gifted pianist who had to do without the use of his right hand for 30 years. Miraculously he regained its use after many years.

Keep the faith -- and never say "never"!

Leon Fleisher's started out as a concert pianist and his career was thriving in 1964. Then he cut himself, and had dystonia, which led to the involuntary curling of his right hand's ring and little fingers. He was unable to use it to play the piano, even after surgery in 1983. He also endured the end of his marriage, and despair, but learned to play one-handed pieces, and enjoyed teaching and conducting.

Finally, with Botox and Rolfing, he is now able to use his right hand again.

Miracles happen every day.

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1 comment:

Beth Banning said...

Leon's story is truly inspirational. I am deeply awed by his persistence and motivation.

When one feels down, he just has to look around and find little inspirations everywhere to keep him constantly motivated