Sunday, August 28, 2005


"Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired." --Mother Theresa

And we need to keep from getting tired of loving. It starts as an emotion or feeling, but on a day-to-day basis it must be shown through actions. However, it's some of the most rewarding "work" you can do! It's work of the heart.
These are the dogs days of summer. Folks from all over the world are telling me they're "tired," "exhausted," and "worn out". How about you?

If you're tired, take some time to reflect and figure out where this is coming from.

In the Western hemisphere, is it the heat? Getting the kids back to school and adjusting to a new schedule? Your vacation's over the for year, and there's nothing to look forward to until Christmas? Is it not the heat, but the humidity? Did you go on a vacation, blow your diet and fail to get back on it, so you're eating too much junk and not getting enough vitamins and minerals?

It seems to be widespread right now. Indicative of this is my Singles Group. The calendar is always full of activities, but no one has planned anything for Labor Day. That's unusual. Sounds like everyone just wants to rest. I must admit I got some extra sleep this weekend myself and it felt good.

If you need to rest, please do. Whether the fatigue is mental, emotional, physical or spiritual, attend to it. You may need:

  • to sleep
  • to baby a bad back that you've strained
  • to get a facial or a massage -- something just for yourself
  • to stop thinking and studying and go stare at the ocean
  • to meditate and get back in touch with the spiritual sense that puts meaning in your life
  • to go somewhere different, for a change of scene
  • to take a time-out from an intense relationship
  • to go jogging, sweat the toxins out of your body and clear the cobwebs out of your brain
  • Think about something that pleases you -- a loved one, a happy memory, plans for Halloween or Christmas, or

    If the fatigue is from boredom ... you can jumpstart yourself. Find a new interest, or revisit and old one.

    Try a new book, or a new Internet course. Study something you've been meaning to (physics? computer? baking bread?), go meet that new neighbor, or start participating in a new group. Houses of worship are starting up there fall programs now and would welcome you among them.

    Or how about some new music? Currently I'm enjoying studying opera, looking at some of the librettos that are free on the Internet, in preparation for attending the operas during the year. I just returned from seeing "Turandot" in Santa Fe, which was beautiful. I plan to see "Orpheus and Eurydice" in Chicago in March. I'm also enjoying the CD "Romanza," by Andrea Bocelli.

    The Teaching Company offers some great listening tapes, offered by some of the greatest teachers in the world in their fields. I have the series called "How to Listen to and Understand Opera," consisting of 16 tapes, such as "Introduction and Words and Music," "The Invention of Opera and Monteverdi's Orfeo," "A Brief History of Vocal Expression in Music," and "The Growth of Italian opera. I can listen to them in the car.

    The Greeks considered music a force that could move nature, change the hearts and souls of people, and heal. The god of music was also the god of medicine.


    ...Energizing yourself means being around people. New interests can lead you to new people, who in turn bring new things into your life.


    ...Your study is likely to be personal, as you energize yourself with time alone. You may connect with someone else interested in the same thing, for some one-on-one sharing, briefly, perhaps in writing.


    .... starts with self-awareness. Knowing how you're feeling right now, and knowing why. When you're feeling "tired," does it help for you to go with it and ride it out, knowing it will pass, or is it more helpful to jumpstart yourself with a new interest, an outing, or being around people?

    Someone said the answer is always salt -- the sea, tears, or sweat. (Might we include some neutraceuticals in that mix?)

    Which is it for you? Only you can know.
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