Sunday, March 23, 2008

TSA and Instincts

Oh, the uses of "intuition", an emotional intelligence competency.

From the Fort Worth newspaper the other day - the TSA is planning to five screeners "more latitude to use their instincts and experience to ID terrorists, and get away from the by-the-numbers mentality used to create the TSA."

More from the article:

  • They want to concentrate on looking for passengers who act out of the ordinary
  • Said Hawley, administrator of the TSA: "We have seen more images, more people, more shoes than anybody." He told screeners, "You know what normal looks like."
  • They plan to vet passengers' reactions and intent, not just search for banned items
Well, he tells one way "intuition" is developed -- by lots of experience. There are ways you use this in your own life - how you know the kids are getting into something they shouldn't when they're in the other room ... how you know someone's mad at you by changes in their routines (not calling you for a week) ... which line at the bank drive-in will move fastest (I always get behind someone who's brake light is on - they have their foot on the pedal! ... which fruit is ripe and which one isn't.

Intuition, aka gut instinct and gut feeling, is an important emotional intelligence, lifeskill as you can see.

There's always a flip side. If you want to know how to behave more "normal" at the airport, so you don't get singled out, email me for my new ebook on nonverbal behavior. No doubt they will single out people who look and act nervous, and you can learn more about that. Performers, speakers, teachers all practice looking "at ease".

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