Tuesday, September 02, 2008

How to Make Good Decisions

Emotional Intelligence - How to Make Good Decisions
Making good decisions is what determines the course and success of you life, both at work and at home.

Make decisions with your heart and then implement them with your head. You would think logic and analysis would be the most important part, but that comes afterwards. Remember, Capt. Kirk was the captain. Mr. Spok was just the engineer.

How to decide? "If you know what you feel, you'll know what you want." (M. K. Downing). This is what we mean when we say "gut feeling" - just KNOWING it's right for you.

Most of us were never taught to KNOW how we feel. This leaves you lost when it comes time to make the most important decisions. Becoming intelligent and informed about your emotions will bring your more happiness, better health, and more success at work and at home.
Let me teach you how to hone in on this, and the other important skills involved in emotional intelligence. There are several options, alone or in combination.
  • Personal Coaching
  • 1 1/2 day Seminar in Dallas (most weekends)
  • Interactive Internet course (The EQ Course)
  • Combination

Improving your emotional intelligence (knowing your feelings, how they work, how to manage them, to use them for the important information they provide, what to do about anger so you don't harm yourself or others or your relationships, how to develop intuition (your surest guide) ... these are just some of the concepts we cover.

Your emotional intelligence is crucial to happiness and wellness. (Did you know that 5 mins. of anger suppresses your immune system for up to 8 hours?)
Let me guide you to a better life. Email for information - sdunn@susandunn.cc, or call me at 817-741-7223. We can start immediately.

Susan Dunn, M.A., Clinical Psychology
Founding member of Coachville, on Thomas Leonard's R&D Team
Expert on emotional intelligence
Training and certification for coaches, internationally.


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