Tuesday, September 02, 2008

For Leadership you must have Emotional Intelligence

Blackbird Leadership are Management Consultants & Executive Coaches specializing in Leadership Development, according to their website.
Take a look at the first thing they list under their leadership approach:

Blackbird Leadership's approach
Emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence, emotional intelligence!

Here at EQ Central, we specialize in training and certifying emotional intelligence coaches, as well as working with individuals and professionals (lawyers, doctors, therapists, professors) and others interested in increasing their own emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligenge is key to leadership. It is like the "meta" skill. It is also crucial to wellness, happiness, and success at work and at home.

Reason No. 99 to learn EQ with us: "5 minutes of anger suppresses your immune system for up to 8 hours."

Today's quote about leadership: "What they know of him [the leader] must be what they hope and require." John Keegan, The Mask of Command

Come learn from the Emotional Intelligence Coach who trains the others. eMail me at sdunn@susandunn.cc , or call me at 817-741-7223 to discuss options and programs.

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