Monday, September 22, 2008

Logic and Emotional Intelligence

From The EQ Coach about emotional intelligence

If you want to be a logical and reasonable person, where does "emotional intelligence" fit in?

Lets face it, there are some professions that pride themselves in not being "emotional." Doctors, lawyers, CPAs and engineers come to mind. When I mention "emotional intelligence" they can't see how it would apply to them.

The truth is that the higher up you get in a field - or WANT to - the more you are going to need emotional intelligence to go along with those wonderful logic and intellectual skills and training and degrees.

Why? Because you can't make logical decisions about something you don't know anything about. And most decisions involved people! You may decide, for instance, that the corporation needs a new LAN ... but you're going to have to CONVINCE someone of that.

You may sit down logically and plan your talk to the jury, but you are going to be lost if you can't read their reactions to what you are saying as you deliver the speech.

You can't be an effective surgeon in the operating room if the nurse at your side makes you angry.

Emotional intelligence includes things like focus, managing your own emotions, understanding the emotions of others, "gut feelings," nonverbal communication and many other things that LOGIC CANNOT TELL YOU.

In fact most of the most important decisions in life cannot be made by logic alone. At some point, the data will run out.

Let take the example of the stock market right now, with the state of the US economy. What should you do with your investments at this point? When will the stock market 'come back'? Should you run to treasury bills? CDs? Try and hit the low point and get back in the market?

If you read the experts, you will get conflicting opinions.

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