Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin and Moral Compass


Emotional Intelligence/Moral Compass

excerpt from Tom Clark, CTV Washington Bureau Chief as it appeared in

"Sarah Palin knew her daughter was pregnant ... Palin needs to tell Americans why that was an acceptable choice, and more, she needs to tell voters what it says about her moral and ethical compass."

I must add here, do we need to have HER tell us what it means. Do we not sense it from the action? That having been said ...

Some say the moral compass is hardwired. I find this untenable ... it certainly isn't hardwired in all humans, or we wouldn't have murderers, thieves and child abusers. It's the nature/nuture controvery scientists are always dealing with. (Pyschology 101 informs that it is usually both.)

Where do we get a sense of right and wrong? Obviously from our parents. And its their BEHAVIOR we observe, not their words. Obviously from some sort of limbic wiring as well. Reptiles eat their young if hungry. Humans do not.

I believe it is related to our feelings. Behind every behavior is a feeling. There are times when our feelings conflict. It is then that the moral/ethical compass comes in to play.

There's an old exercise in Philosophy 101 - the man's child will die without the medicine so he steals it. The Final Exam Question is: "Is this wrong?? (Please discuss is also added, of course)

Emotional intelligence involves learning how the brains (plural) work ... it includes a good deal of etiquette ... it implies moral and ethical behavior. Intentionality, for instance - saying what you mean and meaning what you say; doing what you say you will do. At least my EQ course does.

A small example - recently I was interviewed by a major magazine about "the etiquette of tipping." The interviewer asked me many questions beginning, "But is it wrong to ..."

Take the EQ Course and learn more. EQ is the key to wellness, good living, success, happiness, and maybe even to a moral and ethical compass.

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