Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eat Right - Avoid These Foods over the Holidays (or ever)

Emotional Intelligence is about wellness - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
I just got back from a cruise to New England and Canada on the Norwegian Majesty. Eating on a cruise, it isn't easy to control your calorie intake, but I did okay. Even making it through the Midnight Chocolate Buffet. Only gained a pound or two, and it's already off.

As the holidays approach, lets take a look at the physical. LifeScript has provided us with the list of the 10 Worst Foods you can eat. We are cautioned again about how many Americans are overweight or obese. Go here to read more.
1. Chips
One ounce of potato chips has 152 calories and 10 grams of fat (3 grams of which are artery-clogging saturated fat). If you munch on a one-ounce handful three times a week, in one year you will have added 23,400 calories to your diet and about seven pounds to your waistline. And remember, that’s just one small handful – much less than most adults snack on at a time.
2. Non-Dairy Topping
3. Doughnuts
4. Fettuccine Alfredo (that's a no-brainer)
5. Sausages
6. Fried Chicken
7. Imitation Cheese in a Can
8. French Fries
9. Spongy White Bread ("You might as well eat a candy bar," they say.)
10. Fried Wontons

They suggest the tried and true - if you want to lose weight just take in less calories. Here is their link for you to test how calorie-conscious you are.

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