Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Job Security? Be a Certified Coach

As the media continues tomake it worse than it probably is, I'm reminded of how resilient people can be, and creative about options. And also calm in the face of fear.

If you become paralyzed in the face of fear, and freeze, you're likely to make it worse than it is.

One thing you may have to cope with is being laid off -- of the fear or possiblity of it.

If you were a coach and had your own business, think how different this would be. That's one reason I went into it. First, because I wanted to help people. But at the same time, I didn't like the uncertainty in the workplace. Who would be fired? Who would be laid off? Would my job be there, be the same, be eliminated? Might I be transfered to some city I didn't want to live in?

Now's a good time for change. Want to become a certified coach and be your own boss? No one can fire you.

email me for information on my certification programs ( All long-distance, or training seminar in Dallas area.

I have trained and certified coaches all over the world.

I don't usually send you an email except for my monthly newsletter, but having just returned from several weeks abroad and having tuned in to the news I have been away from, I have been surprised by the level of fear that grew in such a short time.Since I have traveled quite a bit all over the world, one thing that I have learned is how resilient and creative people can be. But not those who are paralyzed by fear. They hunker down and let others (the news media; "experts") tell them what is possible and the way things are.We all have some capability for creative action and change.

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