Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Presidency and Emotional Intelligence

Is the emotional intelligence (EQ or EI) of the president important? This is an important question to consider as the election approaches.

From the Cherry Hill Courier Post:

It seems to me that this election has caused several political divides that have changed into a consensus due to recent events. The issue is the fact that the public more than ever is not just looking for leadership in a broad sense, they are looking into the emotional intelligence of a leader. Will this new president provide a stable administration based as much on common sense as well as real knowledge about broad-based issues affecting our economy and our place in the world? This seems to be an awesome task for our candidates to live up to, so this has changed much of the criteria for the job. Moreover, since our country has had an economic disaster within a short period of time, people are looking to a visionary leader who can solve the problems in the here and now, as well as for future generations. Some people are realizing the presidency needs to be filled by someone who is more of a strategist than a politician.

From Community editorial board members on America's political divide. To read the whole article, go here.

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