Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Markets are Fearful ... and so are you?

Stocks tumble despite rate cut ... market remains fearful ...

As the headlines continue announcing worldwide economic turmoil, millions of dollars lost to retirement funds and IRAs, photos of The Great Depression, continued falls in the US stock market, it's hard not to feel anxiety.

Combine this with whatever else is going on in your own individual situation beyond the financial -- fear of layoff, decline in business, mother-in-law problems, divorce, mri, new boss ... and you have layers of anxiety.

A full-blown anxiety attack includes body aches and pains, headaches, upset stomach, chest pains, tingling sensations in the extremities, changes in eye patterns, dizziness, disturbed sleep, inability to concentrate, the urge to run ... and more.

We know that there is overwhelming evidence that our state of mind (emotions) affects our immune system, blood pressure, our ability to heal well after an accident or surgery, and our health in general. 5 minutes of anger suppresses the immune system for up to 8 hours. What does chronic, unending anxiety do?

The old and venerable (1967) Holmes and Rahe study on stress (which, incidentally, does not list many of the stressors we have in 2008), observed that if your stressors hit a certain level, you are likely to experience a serious illness.

Miller and Rahe (1997) observed that cancer is more prevalent among divorced, separated individuals that for married adults. I would add, from experience, that is may also be more prevalent among unhappily married individuals.

During anxiety and stress, the white blood cell (our immune system) count goes down.

This would be a good time to learn more about emotional intelligence. As Candace Pert, Ph.D., said, our emotions live in every cell of our body.

What can you do about it? Let me help you. Come and find out.

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