Saturday, December 06, 2008

Behind that Frigid North Wind

It's been very cold here in Dallas the past two days. Yesterday there was a strong freezing wind. I left for an appointment in the morning before dark, and saw people out walking their dogs at 5:45 a.m. in the freezing cold and wondered how they could stand it. Later at a meeting, I listened to everyone talk about how awful it was, how cold, too soon, the wind whipping up the dreaded cedar pollen (no joke!), it had been such a beautiful fall, I'm freezing and I HATE THE COLD.

Of course this is nothing compared to what goes on in the North. But the people at the meeting were all natives to the Metroplex.

Just a thought ... behind that frigid air, and whipping wind, and those piles of snow we have to remove from the driveway is this. If only we had eyes to see.

You never know what you're missing from your perspective!

Graphics from the beautiful "Little Book of Snowflakes," by Kenneth Lebrecht, photos used with permission.

This book would make a great Christmas present. Order it at discount HERE. Click HERE to see what a snowfall "really" looks like.

For the holidays - keep things in perspective. It's the Emotionally Intelligent thing to do.

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