Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Top 10 Things Classy People Do

Napoleon, who said, "Respect the people you deliver."

From today's email bag:

I have just finished reading your piece on "The Top 10 Things Classy People Do That Show You They Have Class", and can say nothing but thank you for the finesse and definite class you must have for being aware of these lovely details.

I would like though to know if you agree with me that a Classy Person carries the burden of other's misconduct and misbehavior consequences paricularly that He/She is "Sensitive" and keen on not "Airing His/Her Dirty Linen In Public".

Happy New Year 2009.
Sincerely, Nadim T.

Answer: If I interpret this question correctly, for sure a classy person "covers up" for others, or, as you put it, carries the burden of other's misconduct and misbehavior. It's similar to the Asian concept of "saving face." For instance, if your boss steps in a trash can and falls over, you distract people, don't mention it, or blame it on the trash can, i.e., "I KNEW that trash can was going to cause trouble."

The essence of etiquette is making the other person comfortable. Sometimes in spite of what they are doing.

Good leaders for instance, like good football coaches, take the blame for failures on themselves, and give the credit for the successes to "the team."
It was Napoleon Bonaparte who said: "Respect the people you deliver."

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