Friday, December 05, 2008

Drama and the Holidays

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From today's email bag:

Thanksgiving was okay. My brother and his family came in. It was nice. But you know when there's family there's always drama. My mother ...

It was the usual. My two sisters aren't speaking to each other and then Mother tries to get involved in the issues. I dread it more every year.

We had a great dinner but my brother's kids are so disruptive. They don't teach them any manners. I try and teach my own kids table manners, and not to jump on the furniture and stuff like that. Well, when they get together, my kids join in like they didn't know better. I can see it upsetting my parents but I don't know what to do about it.

It was okay except for that thing with Aunt Edna.

My father took off on my little brother. It makes it so unpleasant for all of us, we don't know what to do. Why can't he just leave it alone for a couple hours one day????

Thanksgiving? The kids were sick, my husband was exhausted, we went to his parents and they'd gone all out. All I could think of was all I had to do the next day. I know I need to get my emotional reactions under control because next it's Christmas. It will be at my house. Was I crazy to think of doing that? How can I manage it all?

The holidays bring on a lot of drama. We're wearing out hearts on our sleeves. Not enough sleep or money or time. Lots of flu and colds. Exhaustion. Frayed nerves. People who don't necessarily want to be around -- you know, "after that thing with Aunt Edna last year."

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