Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dr. Howard Boltansky and What He Has Learned About Life

Sometimes there are wonderful and surprising moments in articles I read. Today I was reading an article about allergies in the D. C. area. I found an article entitled "Reducing Allergies Advice From Dr. Howard Boltansky" in the Washingtonian, by Ken Adelman.

The article talks about Dr. Boltansky, and allergy problems in the D. C. area. It's in Q and A format. The article moves along with important information for allergy sufferers. The 2nd to last paragraph followed the protocol, with Adelman asking, "Overall, what have you learned about asthma and allergies?" And Dr. Boltansky replies.

Then comes this:
What have you learned about life?

That what really matters is our relationships. Being there for the people we love is the essence of life. Life flies by so quickly, but those moments when we form a bond with someone, when we laugh or cry with them, are the moments we can hold onto forever.

I'll leave you with that lovely thought.
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