Monday, July 25, 2005


Check out this article on the difference between raising boys and girls, on, written by Renee Bacher.

The writer refers to Baron-Cohen's book. Simon-Baron, Ph.D., a British psychopathologist, is the author of "The Essential Difference: The Truth About the Male and Female Brain" (Perseus, 2003), a book we highly recommend if you want to learn about "the opposite sex" and the differences that are hard-wired into the brain. Bear in mind when reading this book, this book is about the mythical "average". Either gender can have the type of brain he describes.

His 20 years of research yielded that the average female brain is better at empathizing with others, while the average male brain is better at systemizing and predicting outcomes.

From the article:

In Baron-Cohen's research, both genders exhibit aggression, but in boys it tends to take a more conventional form (physical fighting), whereas in girls, it is usually more subtle, manifesting itself in gossip, social exclusion, and verbal meanness (such as cutting remarks, often made behind the victim's back).

Perhaps girls are adept at this kind of bullying because they are more tuned in to the emotional lives of other people, and hence understand intuitively the impact -- which, according to most moms, is more brutal than a simple blow.

Read the article for more interesting information!

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