Wednesday, July 20, 2005

EQ - One of the Competencies if Intuition, aka Gut Feeling aka Gut Instinct aka Inklings aka Feelings

Call it intuition, gut feeling, inklings, or gut instinct, it takes up where the data leaves off, and gives us quick and sure information, when we know how to read its messages.

We often rationalize the decisions we make through intuition (giving it logical, "reasonable" explanations), but if we do talk about it, since it's a way of "knowing without knowing how you know" (unless you study EQ, and then you'll know how you know!), it's often explained in metaphorical terms and/or with references to the 5 (or 7) senses, because intuition is from sensual information, i.e., from the senses.

Here are some examples of things you can figure out with your intuition that can help you stay safe and succeed.

1. Which way the wind is blowing.

2. What the temperature is in the Board room.

3. When the deal's about to go sour, or when it stinks.

4. When the contract is legal, ethical, morale, but not going to pass the smell test.

5. Who's got the sixth sense for business, or the Midas Touch.

6. Which HR person knows how to look in the horse's mouth.

7. Which VP's got the killer instinct.

8. Which way the judge is leaning, and what story will touch the jury.

9. When it's a case of rats leaving a sinking ship.

10. When's the right time to ask for the raise or close the deal.

11. How to get nerves of steel, or have ice water in your veins when needed.

12. WHich benefactor has a heart of gold.

13. When the pump's been primed, and it's time to ask.

14. When there's so much tension in the room you could slice it with a knife.

15. When to stay out of the boss' line of fire.

16. When someone is about to blow.

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