Friday, July 08, 2005



According to psychologist Michael Gurian, men really do think differently than women. (But we know this intuitively.) The reasons why are biological and psychological. Here are a few of the effects of biology:

1. Testosterone, the dominant male hormone, associated with sex and aggression, the search for social power, ambition and independence.

2. Vasopressin, a brain chemical males have more of than females, associated with territoriality, hierarchy, competition, and persistance.

3. Oxytocin, a brain chemical more dominant in females, associated with maternal nurturance, verbal-emotive connection, and empathic bonding.

4. Differences between men and women in the way their brains gather sensory and sensual information.

5. The male brain's greater development of cortical areas for spatial thinking and abstract systems.

6. The role of female hormones, including estrogen and progesterone.
Biopsychological drives to discover and express potency that are hardwired into male reproductive parocesses.

Says Gurian, "Men do not hear as much as women do nor take in as much from the other senses. Galvanic skin-response tests show that male skin is less sensitive than a female's -- a woman's skin is ten times more sensitive to touch than a man's. Male skin takes in less physical pain, and brain scans show less neocortical activity in pain responses."

For more on this important subject read: "What Could He Be Thinking?"

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