Saturday, July 09, 2005



1. Make books a part of your child's life from the minute they're born. Read to them on into the teen years. (P.S. They don't have to be sitting still to hear what you're reading, or 'get' that you're reading a book.)

2. Set a time for serious reading. Just before bedtime is a good time. Let them sit on your lap and look at the pictures as you read, and touch the book.

3. Have books with you for car trips, waiting in line, waiting for the older sibling at soccer practice, etc.

4. Model your own enthusiasm for books and reading. Let your child see you reading every chance you get. Run for a book, not for the remote. (You DO read, don't you?)

5. Take your child to the library or book store and let them choose what interests them. In my town there's a 75% off book store, where no book is over $5. Find something like that, or visit your local Goodwill if money's tight (and the library, of course).

6. Make use of audio books.

7. When your child is bored, suggest reading. Learning to deal with "boredom" is a childhood task, and picking up a book should be one of their first thoughts.

8. Give books as presents.

9. Tell stories. It's on the asme path. Learning to hear a story or read one. It's not like most television.

10. Reading is reading. If a comic book is as far as you can get, it's a start. Or one of those beautifull illustrated children's books. Great art and literature go together. It's all about learning.

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