Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Eco Bra

BRRR ... Baby it's cold outside ... so what do you do for insulation? Well the Eco Bra and EQ both work!N

Have you read about the new Japanese prototype Eco Bra? I love looking at some of their new "inventions." Sometimes I'm not sure whether they're for real of not, for instance, the overalls for crawling babies that have dust pads attached to them so the baby cleans the floor as he crawls along. Real or not real?

Okay, Eco Bra ... real or not real? It is furry and comes only in white. The Eco Bra comes accompanied with, if you like, a white furry boa, white furry shorts and very heavy furry knee socks, more like booties.

The Japanese are apparently asking everyone to keep their thermostats set at 68 all winter, and the Eco Bra is supposed to help keep women warm. It comes with little pads you can heat in the microwave and then stick inside the cups of the bra. You can see it modeled HERE.

The Eco Bra will certainly make the women resilient against the cold. It will be good insulation.

That's what emotional intelligence does for you -- gives you good insulation against the "shocks that man is heir to." It bolsters you against rejection, for instance. In studies, the best predictor of a salesperson's success is his or her optimism or ability to handle rejection.

It's as ridiculous to think emotional intelligence can keep you completely INSULATED as it would be to send that poor Japanese model out in the snow in the white furry shorts and Eco Bra ... but it's a start, and in the case of EQ, an excellent. one.
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That ... emotional intelligence, social support, music and if you're female, maybe even an Eco Bra, and you could sta warm all winter!