Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Emotional Robot

Texas Company Builds Emotional 'Robot Boy' - Technology News News On Technology

In today's mailbag about emotional intelligence - a robot named Zeno who has blinking eyes that can track people and a face that "captivates" a range of expressions.

The most fun is reading how they try and describe ... what only humans have, and robots do not.

David Hanson and a small group of engineers have been working on this creation for over 5 years. They believe there is a market for lifelike robotic companions, or social robots. I can't imagine why ...

From the article:

Unlike clearly artificial robotic toys, Hanson says he envisions Zeno as an interactive learning companion, a synthetic pal who can engage in conversation and convey human emotion through a face made of a skin-like, patented material Hanson calls frubber.

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