Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Emotionally Intelligent Manager

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"Employees join companies but leave their managers." - Marcus Buckingham

"Seek to understand first and then be understood." - Stephen Covey


You may want to offer ... Understanding and Using Emotional Intelligence to all of your Managers, Supervisors and Valued Employees. Their skill in applying their "Emotional Intelligence" will affect their relationships with "your" clients, customers, suppliers, executives, managers and co-workers.

"Emotional Intelligence" is not just a buzz-word, it is an absolutely essential management tool.

Here are some of the hidden benefits: An "Emotionally Intelligent" Manager or Supervisor is observant and is sensitive to the wants and need of his/her direct reports and:

Creates more Trust, Respect & Recognition in the workplace
Motivates his/her Employees
Increases Productivity
Reduces Absenteeism
Reduces Conflict
Encourages better Teamwork

"Emotional Intelligence" is a strength that is indispensable in any manager's tool kit.

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